Monday, 20 February 2012

We Love... The Brio Pull-Along Engine

You know that feeling when you're clearing out your wardrobe and you come across something you forgot you owned and loved? I got that feeling today, when a few of my favourite toys returned to the virtual shelves of The Canterbury Toy Shop after a short spell of limited availability following the retail chaos that was - Christmas.
One such toy is the Brio Pull-Along Engine, our most popular pull-along toy, and the first stocked item that my son Sebastian claimed for himself when we first opened the shop. As most 18 month old children like to do he was "helping" in the office one afternoon when I was unpacking our first delivery of shiny new toys to stock our not-yet-open virtual shop, and as I busily stacked wooden toasters on top of drum kits my assistant had dived into one of the huge cardboard boxes and emerged clutching a rather smaller black box, containing one of these adorable pull along trains.
Now, it is my policy not to give my son free-access to stock, but his little face was somewhat irresistible and needless to say, I popped the lid for him, removed the engine from its wrapping and proceeded to watch him trail it behind him with delight. Those moments are magical, wherever a favourite toy came from (and before anyone gets images of Sebastian’s idyllic childhood filled with free toys - his Mummy pays for everything he claims - and he's not allowed to claim very much at all!)

The Brio pull along engine features a classic design synonymous with the company's history in leading the manufacture of wooden railway toys. The Canterbury Toy Shop also stocks an extensive range of Brio Rail products including tracks, engines and buildings to build up large wooden railway collections, but this modern addition to the Brio range has just as much promise as older Brio favourites.
Made of solid wood, and painted with child-safe paints in a sleek black finish, with the "Brio" name emblazoned on each side, this timeless toy will be passed on for generations, just as older Brio toys have already been for years. I have absolutely no doubt that Sebastian will one day hand over his Pull-Along Engine to his own child, who will pass it on to my Great Grandchildren, and who knows how long they'll keep it going! There's certainly no reason that this solid sturdy toy couldn't last decades and decades though.
The red wooden wheels, displaying an attractive pin-wheel design that captivates children when spinning, are edged with rubber tracks to protect both the wooden toy and your own flooring.
A simple rotating mechanism in the train causes the bright yellow chimney atop the engine to spin as the wheels move, fascinating children and encouraging interaction with the toy.
Pull-Along toys have been recognised time and time again for encouraging early walking in babies and toddlers.

To celebrate its return to The Canterbury Toy Shop we'll be reducing the price of the Brio Pull Along Engine by a third on 21st January 2012 between 12noon and 2:00pm in a lunch time discount special. Get in there quick if you intend to take advantage of this very limited offer!

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