Thursday, 23 February 2012

Vital Roleplay

Todays blog focus is on roleplay, make believe and imaginary games that children play alone, with other children, and with adults too.

It is absolutely vital to a childs social development that they be given plenty of opportunity to play roleplay based games, as a Mother and a friend to many other parents I recognise this in the children that I know, and as a toy shop owner, I am always attracted to fantastic roleplay toys, from play kitchens to dogs that need walking!

I'll show you just a few of the toys in The Canterbury Toy Shop at the moment that can help you and your children to develop through imaginitive play, as well as some ideas for games you can enjoy today without having to buy anything new! I would love to hear from readers about what roleplay games you played as a child, and what imaginitive fun your little ones get up to as well! Comment here on the blog, or drop me an email at

"Mummy, would you like a cup of tea?"
Sound familiar? Children love to imitate the adults around them, and a tea set is a fantastic, and often affordable, toy to allow them to play at adult activities with child-safe playthings. With Spring just around the corner (I went out without.a.coat today!) why not take a peek at this adorable picnic tea set from John Crane, which is sure to sell out as the hotter months approach and children spend more and more time in the garden.

Included in the delightful pink wicker hamper are four plates, matching cutlery, napkins, a small blanket, teapot, milk jar and cups! This pretty-in-pink set is so brilliantly priced at £19.99 and available for immediate dispatch.

I know that some people shy away from pink toys for little boys, and as such the EverEarth tea set is a fantastic option for those looking to buy a tea set for a young man. Boys need and enjoy roleplay just as much as girls, and will be drawn to playing out scenarios that they see at home, regardless of which adults are involved with them. It is as important to let little boys play at making tea as it is little girls, as this is a pattern of behaviour that they'll see regularly. EverEarth toys are all made to strict eco-friendly guidelines, using only the finest quality woods for a fantastic finish, by far one of our loveliest sets, also priced at £19.99.

"Look what I built"

Children love to play at making and fixing with a tool bench, and EverEarths bench is fantastic value for a very high quality toy. Made entirely from eco-friendly materials and to strict standards, this workbench is one of our most popular toys, and is despatched in attractive recycyled packaging.
Children can play imaginatively whilst building and constucting with the wooden saw, spanner, hammer, screwdriver and screws & nails, all of which are included with the bench. Priced at £29.99.

"This is my baby"

Extensive research has proven just how vital it is to social development for both girls and boys to play at parental roles through imaginative play. So all of those Daddies who won't have dolls in the house for their boys (and Mummies too!) - think again! Being able to play with dolls is recognised to encourage all sorts of positive traits and attitudes as children grow up, and there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that playing with dolls, prams, and other parental-role play toys effects a little boys likelyhood to grow up liking trucks, sports and ladies! The Canterbury Toy Shop stocks a range of dolls equipment and we have a range of knitted rag dolls, suitable for children from birth, coming very soon - watch this space!

The dolls roleplay range from PinToy (a member of the John Crane family) is made of fantastically durable materials, meaning they'll last and last for generations and won't disappoint in providing hours of entertainment either. All 3 items are priced at £37.99 each.

"I brought you breakfast in bed!"

With Mothers Day fast approaching, some of us might be hoping to get spoiled on the 18th March 2012, and what better way to say I love you , than to bring Mummy breakfast in bed? For the very small among us, this gorgeous breakfast play set, by Plan Toys, is made of very high quality wood with a smooth and attractive finish, bright colours achieved with child-safe paints, and ergonomic design that's especially ideal for little hands. The set includes a wooden tray with toast, cheese, eggs, bacon and sausage, with salt and pepper to season. Priced at £19.99.

Fun roleplay games you can play today - without having to spend a penny!

  • Mini - Safari Get outdoors, in the garden, park, or local woods and either have fun spotting imaginary creatures and cunjuring up all sorts of sightings, or locate real mini-beasts such as insects and other local wildlife.
  • Doctos and Nurses - start collecting pots and bottles to make up a doctors kit, you can also grab free medicine syringes from pharmacies and use old clothes or even toilet tissue for bandages. An old handbag makes a great doctors bag. For variation why not play a game of "vets" - real animals not required!
  • Cooking up a Storm - Rather than spending money on play food, why not bulk out your play kitchen with old food containers such as cartons, and washed out bottles and jars. Be careful if giving anything to children with a sharp edge, remove the lids from tin cans. If you can stand the noise, saucepans and wooden spoons make great toys, even for the smallest children!
  • Carry on Camping - Making a tent from household objects is childs play. Snuggle up under blankets and read stories. Marshmallows optional! It's amazing what you can make from a few dining chairs and an old sheet. 

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